Your SHFT. Your Information.

Shyft gives you control over your personal information by leveraging blockchain technology to manage and share this data privately and securely.

Making blockchain technology accessible to everyone

Shyft Score

Shyft is Secure

Using decentralized, blockchain technology with strong cryptography, your personal information doesn't have to be centrally stored in so many places. Less stored data means less likelihood of your data being comprised in the rampant breaches we see today. Shyft lets you hold close what matters most - your digital identity.


Shyft Gives Credibility

Shyft believes that good behaviour deserves to be recognized and rewarded. Practice good behaviour on our network and you earn credibility. Higher credibility can translate to increased access to services, better borrowing rates and faster processing times for new apps, among other benefits. It's a common language that allows service providers and institutions to know that you're good for it. And that's good.


Shyft is Efficient

Using the Shyft network means you no longer have to provide and prove your identity to every service provider and institution that asks over and over again. Now you can verify your identity through your Shyft profile, which has been validated and attested from other services you've signed up for in the past. That's good for you and your information.


Accessing services should not compromise security or privacy.


Data security systems should have more secure methods to protect data.


Technology should decrease costs and time to run efficient and secure compliance regimes.

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